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Progressive, conscious dreams are the seeds of success

Let me ignite your dreams

Dr. Marcia Hunter

Dr. Hunter has a doctoral degree in Instruction and Curriculum Leadership, an education specialist degree in Curriculum and Instructional Design, and a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. She draws on over 30 years as a college professor, while simultaneously providing individual and group training, including training for fortune 500 companies. Also, during this time, Dr. Hunter developed and managed a nonprofit organization for twenty years and for over ten years served as a therapist and Director of Mental Health Outpatient Service Program.

Driven by a goal for service, she presently works as a psychology professor, a DreamAchiever coach, and a life coach. She works closely with individuals and groups to help them:

  • Dream big and act boldly

  • Transform negative self-talk and brain chatter to positive self-talk and motivation

  • Change negative and fixed mindset to “growth mindset”

  • Embrace their dreams and wants with commitment

  • Develop action plans to bring their dreams to life and create success. 


In addition, she is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practitioner and works with nonprofits, educational institutions, and organizations, providing professional development training that promotes a productive mindset and teamwork – through a DEI lens.

Dr. Hunter is the author of Communication Keys: Unlocking Your Personal and Career Development and is currently writing Dream Achievement ! 7 Proven Strategies to Expand Your Dreams and Create Success.

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